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Yeahs are the Miiverse version of likes etc. that are on sites like Facebook & Twitter etc.

Symbols & Punctuation Used

  • ! (when the normal & happy emotions are used)
  • ♥ (when love emotion is used)
  • !? (when the surprised emotion is used)
  • … (when the annoyed & sad emotions are used)


  • Yeahing is one of the best ways to get followers & probably one of the easiest ways if not the easiest along with following alot of other users.
  • Drawers tend to use Yeahs to their advantage to get more Yeahs & Followers etc.
  • Due to popular demand Yeahing was added to Comments & there is an option to disable Yeah Notifications.
  • There was a glitch where the Yeah button could be changed to (name needed;) however, this has been patched.
  • Missin aka. Missingno potentially made Yeahing as popular as it is. His NNID is Mega-Powers.

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