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Friending is the process of adding someone to your Friend's List on either your 3DS or your Wii U. On both Wii U & 3DS you can have up to 100 Friends.


  • Message (16 character limit for both)
  • Register Friend (Give a user a 63 character Friend Request & the latter must accept) (Dependent on settings) (Wii U) (Exchange Friend Codes) (3DS)
  • Friend Count (Tells you how many friends are Online)
  • Favorite Game (Tells you & others your favorite game) (3DS only)
  • Join Game (Lets you join a friend's game)
  • Currently Playing (Tells you what a person is playing at the moment you look at the person's account.)

Things Related to Friending That Can Get you Banned

  • Exchanging Friend Codes, NNIDs, (Even though there is a legit way allowed) & other friend codes (ex. Xbox Live & PSN IDs)
  • Letting others use your Nintendo Network ID (can lead to ID suspension)
  • Asking people to give you what is listed above


  • Including the Wii (Miiverse was not out for that system) The maximum number of Friends have always been 100 for Nintendo systems (tied with PS3 & Xbox 360) & 10x less than the PS4 & the Xbox One (Even though the Wii U is in the same generation as those 2 systems.
  • Even though you can friend people on the Wii U version of Miiverse via a button on user's profiles any other method is restricted.
  • The fact that the 3DS version has no friending system via Miiverse makes for a very controversial topic & it technically makes the 3DS Friend's List feature "underutilized."

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