Drawings are a type of posts that can be made on Miiverse.


  • Black Pen (No other pens exist) (3 different sizes)
  • Eraser (3 different sizes)
  • Undo
  • Save Post (Offline Mode only) (3DS only)
  • Scroll (3DS only)


Drawings are known to get you very popular if you are a very good drawer. It is likely the 2nd best way to get followers. Examples of great drawers include ßξαςτ, Gio, & at a way lesser extent people like Dreu etc.


  • For an unknown reason only a black pen option exists. This limits the Drawings significantly. This problem however has been solved by Art Academy: Sketchpad & Pixel Paint for the Wii U & Pokémon Art Academy for the 3DS etc.
  • Black, White, & Gray (if done properly) are the only colors useable in Miiverse Drawings.
  • Miiverse Drawings have got criticism for quite some things such as not having a redo button, the 3DS having terrible drawing controls (for some,) & not being able to save Posts on the Wii U etc.
  • The 3DS version of Miiverse likely has a scroll feature for Drawings because of the smaller screen.
  • Drawing really good is usually the 2nd best way for anyone to get Followers with the 1st being if you are a Verified User (usually game developers.)
  • If you are a great drawer then expect more yeahs on text posts etc. then other users get.
  • Drawings have by far got people near 25,000 or 25k followers. That is 1/4th of 100,000 followers!
  • The YouTube & Smash Bros. Communities etc. are known for their Drawings.
  • Nintendo stated in a Nintendo Direct that they did not expect Drawings to get as big as they got on Miiverse. This led to the creation of Art Academy: Sketchpad.
  • Drawing is not on the web version whatsoever. The reasoning is likely because you could likely copy & paste other's drawings & plagiarize them etc.
  • You can draw in Offline Mode on the 3DS version only.